Monday, August 1, 2011

there will be a test

1. It's August, in case you didn't know (hey, I never know what day it is, but I do today for some reason).

2. We have 7 days until Mr.Wonderful reports back to school (insert sad face. I know, those of you mamas whose husbands don't get a summer break have no sympathy for me).

3. We have Jack's next cardiologist appointment on 8/10. 

4. Jack started walking on his birthday!

5. Since July is over I am going to begin contacting everyone who was interested in a State/Country/Continent Love painting. I may wait until after Jack's tests before I begin doing those orders again (thanks for your patience).

6. I sponsored Freckled Nest this month and you might want to check this out.

Don't you remember going back to school in September? Times are a-changin'.

[back to school print found here]