Friday, August 12, 2011

toes and hearts

Well. I broke my toe. {Isn't that a nice way to begin a post?}
Tuesday, also known as a very baaaad day, when everything else was going wrong I slipped & fell and hurt my foot. Then about an hour later I noticed my toe was turning purple & swelling, so yeah, I broke my toe.
And honestly, after the first day the pain lessened except for the time Charlie stomped on it & the time I closed the crisper drawer with my foot.
Thankfully my job doesn't require me to wear heels or to paint with my feet so I am good.

Speaking of GOOD. 
We had Jack's most recent cardiology appointment on Wednesday.
There was no news to report so no news is good news.
Jack's numbers have not changed & that means {for now} no surgery is needed! We will go back for more tests in February & remain hopeful.

We are so grateful and trusting God has control no. matter. what.
Thank you again for all your encouraging words and prayers!

{If you are new here, Welcome! You can learn about Jack's heart here.}