Friday, August 12, 2011

toes and hearts

Well. I broke my toe. {Isn't that a nice way to begin a post?}
Tuesday, also known as a very baaaad day, when everything else was going wrong I slipped & fell and hurt my foot. Then about an hour later I noticed my toe was turning purple & swelling, so yeah, I broke my toe.
And honestly, after the first day the pain lessened except for the time Charlie stomped on it & the time I closed the crisper drawer with my foot.
Thankfully my job doesn't require me to wear heels or to paint with my feet so I am good.

Speaking of GOOD. 
We had Jack's most recent cardiology appointment on Wednesday.
There was no news to report so no news is good news.
Jack's numbers have not changed & that means {for now} no surgery is needed! We will go back for more tests in February & remain hopeful.

We are so grateful and trusting God has control no. matter. what.
Thank you again for all your encouraging words and prayers!

{If you are new here, Welcome! You can learn about Jack's heart here.}


  1. That is great news! (not the broken toe part)

  2. That's wonderful news your toe (that's bad news)...but Jack's appointment news! Yay!!! I'm so happy! Now to you...Ugh..I'm so sorry to hear your toe is actually broken! Boo & Ouch!! I hope it gets better quick! Have a wonderful weekend!! Such great news!!

  3. SO happy to hear about Jack's appointment! No news is definitely good news:) I will continue to keep him and your family in my prayers though:)

    And I am so sorry to hear about your toe! I broke two of my toes last fall due to a very ridiculous situation, and honestly, the toe is one of the worst places to injure! The healing process takes more time, especially if you are always on the go:)
    Rest up and enjoy the weekend!!

  4. Aw, so sorry about your toe! I know {from experience} that it's no fun.

    Hurray for Jack's "no news is good news"!! :D

  5. A broken toe is one of the most painful things I've experienced. They hurt like crazy. And yay for good news about Jack.

  6. Ouch, sorry to hear about your toe. Get well soon Lindsay's toe!!

    Great news about Jack! I like the heart photo collage.

  7. I am praying for your little guy god will keep him healthy. Hoping your poor toe heals quickly. The worst thing to just is a toe I feel your pain.

  8. Praise God about Jack's heart!

    And prayers for your toe. I broke my pinky toe a while back after stubbing it (intensely!) against a door jam. No fun! Kinda ridiculous.

  9. So happy for the good news...God is so good! :)

  10. So glad to hear the good news about Jack! Sorry about your toe:( Feel better! Love the kitchen stuff and the spotlight on the artists from Texas! By the you have an I heart Texas painting?:)

  11. you made me laugh. with all that toe in the crisper talk.

    hooray for jack!

  12. woohoo for no news! I've been praying praying praying for your sweet little man!

  13. I'm sorry about your toe! Yikes, that must hurt.
    Glad to hear the good news about your son's heart - praise God.

  14. So glad that it's good news for now! He actually comes to mind quite often and I pray for him when I hold my (now) 1 year old. Funny how God can connect people so far away!

  15. So happy to hear that Jack is good! That makes everything a little easier (heck, a lot easier) and makes a broken toe A OK! Still, sorry about your toe dear, that's going to be tricky with the littles.....

  16. So sorry about your toe, but that is GREAT news about Jack!!! I'm so happy that he doesn't have to have surgery as of now. We'll keep praying that that will continue to be the case... and that your toe will heal now.


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