Wednesday, September 14, 2011

in focus

Oh, Roy. I love you, ahem, ROYGBIV.
I made these 12 little camera paintings this summer for Craft Weekend
but I couldn't show you because it had to be a surprise for the ladies.
I wanted to keep them. It's that color spectrum thing that gets me every time.

seg-way into camera topic

My camera broke.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. My precious camera broke.
Mr.Wonderful bought me that camera 5 years ago, maybe 6.
It was my Christmas present.
I had no idea how to use it because it was a DSRL and I had never even heard of them and he stayed up all night reading the instructions because I don't read instructions and because he loves to read instructions (meant to be right?).
Thankfully my sister has a nice camera she is letting me borrow.
For now, I cry every day (not really, but maybe) and have to decide what to do. . . fix or not to fix.

seg-way into breaks topic

I am going to be taking a break soon.
A good break! I signed up for Creative Courage, and I am beyond excited. The only art classes I took were Art History in college and you know, Art in grade school. Now I am having a chance to take an amazing course led by 12 other artist. I can't wait.
I won't be painting as much for the shop, where by the way I just added two new paintings. Go see.
Also, I may put the shop on vacation.
I haven't quite decided, but y'all know where to find me (:
I am going to spend some time focusing on projects for myself like learning how to crochet and cleaning out my inbox and the holidays and other things like that.

What are you focusing on right now?