Tuesday, October 11, 2011

away we went

Sometimes you decide you need to visit 
So, what do you do?

you get driving directions to their house 

you pack up your new crochet project and 
your family and you drive a very long way.

(these two pictures were taken within 
10 minutes of one another,
as in the nap lasted 10 minutes)

But it's all worth it because you get to have fun like this and

you get to meet sweet people like this and
(pictured left to right)
Alison of aPearantly sew
yours truly
Christa of Sugarfoot Speaks and her sweet little Miss E

you get to stay in a nice place like this and

you get to to take cute pictures of your kids like this.

We went to North Carolina to stay with Alison and her family.
It was a fun adventure with very little sleep as are all of our family trips.
We have pinkie-promised that our next meet up will be without children so we can stay up late and sleep in late and be grown ups.