Monday, October 17, 2011

he and I

We were alone ((translates without children)) for 55 hours.
Yes I counted. It was so fun to take a little trip up to the place we will from now on call "Nooga" (Chattanooga, TN).
We rode in the car without anyone crying... okay I cried a little when we first left because I am not away from my children very often, and it was a step for me to go so far away for two nights in a row. 
My totally awesome parents held down the fort (I am 1001x grateful).
We wanted it. We needed it, but still it was a little emotional for me.
No shame.
We slept in until 8:30 AM. We ate dinner on a boat.
We got lost a time or two.
We enjoyed amazing wedding festivities (including dancing hilariously to Footloose and a few other songs).

My dress was $12.97 and my shoes were $16.98.
This is how we do it.
Just the two of us.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. <3 so glad you two had a wonderful time together. And I feel ya Mama, I've yet to leave Owen for more than 4 hours... my time will come :)

  2. We went to a wedding in Asheville last weekend, without littles. We needed it too. Glad you had fun. Love that dress.

  3. Yay for a weekend for just you two lovebirds! :)

  4. Looks like sooo much fun! It is so brave of you to leave your boys. That is one of the hardest things for a mom, I think. You did it and you all survived and now I feel am encouraged to do that same. :) Love the shoes and the price. Also, LOVE that you danced to Footloose. Doesn't get much better than that really.

  5. Sounds like a much needed break-- so happy you got it!

  6. I love it for y'all that you got to have some quality time alone. By the way, you looked incredible in your new dress!

  7. How wonderful for a little time "off" from full-time mommying! So glad you got to enjoy yourself and your hubby! :)


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