Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The crocheting has begun.
Let me tell you, 
I had no prior knowledge of crochet.
I still have no knowledge of it.
Thank goodness for YouTube. 
I found a really helpful tutorial for the absolute beginner.
The picture above is me starting over for the 381st time. For real.
It's fun learning something new. It's a challenge too. 
I thought I would just pick up a needle 
and yarn and a blanket would magically appear. 
I know, laugh with me.
Are you learning anything new?


  1. Hey it's a great start! I was never very good at crochet but I used to knit - I really should pick it back up :)

  2. Fun! I've done a few crochet projects but I have the hardest time keeping my rows even... it always end up looking like a trapazoid instead of a square - ha!

  3. I'm doing the exact same thing.
    went to JoAnns, got a needle and yarn, and youtubed it!

  4. i'm with Sarah: i need to start knitting again! you look like you're off to a good start though :)

  5. I'm going to need you to post or send that beginners video link. ROT NAIL.

  6. Oh daughter of mine--that's a really good start. I'm impressed with your efforts. Love the color. I'll bring over something I started many moons ago and maybe we can finish it together! LU Moma

  7. I like the title of this post :) Are you gonna teach me to crochet when you come to my house TOMORROW?!!!!

  8. YAY for you! I tried to learn to knit and failed miserably. Some things just aren't for me. Even though I tried and tried, took a break, and tried some more, I could not get the hang of it. I am looking forward to seeing your hookin' success;)

  9. I've never tried to crochet or knit. And I think I should make an attempt. My grandmother did both and I love having having baby blankets ready for our unborn children thanks to her (she planned for the great grandchildren)! I wouldn't have thought to look up a tutorial though. I will keep that in mind!

  10. Hook it girrrrrl!! :) LOL your so FUN--loved meeting you--I need to have Christa and Alison teach me at the next craft night!

  11. I've been poking around your blog, I love your work!


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