Thursday, November 3, 2011

giving thanks { days 1-3 }

I tend to whine.
I mean, probably not to y'all, okay so maybe I have whined a touch here and there, but mostly I wine, oops I meant whine, to my close friends.

When you whine you forget all the things you could be thankful for.
So let's be thankful. Each week I will share some things I am thankful for, serious and silly.
Thank you November and everyone on Facebook for the great idea ;)

by Elizabeth Caldwell  - A Day in the Life of a Mom Print

Of course these first three are a given, but still I am thankful for:

1. Mr.Wonderful, the one who 
-loves me no matter how many cabinet doors I leave open 
-helps sweep up the mountains of crumbs and dropped pieces of dinner
-takes the boys to the grocery store so I can have a few minutes alone in the house
-still holds my hand
2. the opportunity to spend every day being a mama (see above picture) and gets paid in big slobbery kisses and sticky hugs.
3. my faith... what a journey.

What about you?