Thursday, November 17, 2011

giving thanks { days 10-17 }

I am thankful for:
10. A supportive family. My family lives extremely near by (like across the street). It is a huge blessing to have them so close, not to mention unlimited access to a free babysitter [wink].
11. My flat iron. Trust me, on days like yesterday where the humidity was like 165% in South Georgia, everyone is happy that the mane can be tamed.
12.  Friends. I am talking about the kind you can pick up where you left off with. The kind who pray for you, and don't just say they will. The kind who understand and forgive you for not being there when you should have been. The kind who know you well enough not to say anything or to speak up. You know the friends I am talking about.
13.  Nicknames/terms of endearment... What you don't like being called Googly Bear?
14.  Fridays. They have to be my favorite day of the week. Even though I am already at home all week, and I don't get a chance to sleep-in on the weekends, it's just a good day knowing I have two days with Mr.Wonderful home.
15. Good music and the chance to have it all on this little device I can take with me anywhere.
16. Morning walks with the boys (they ride, I walk). We go the same route, and the same things happens every time: Charlie says, "Yeehaw!" when we depart, Charlie points out our shadows, Charlie greets two dogs and Jack barks and pants, I pick a piece of bamboo growing on the side of the road because pandas eat bamboo and Charlie has to have some too, and we wave to the people who work at Pop's.
17. Cheese. If I am ever told to give up dairy I might not survive.

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What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for the hot coffee & cinnamon roll I am enjoying for breakfast right now. I'm thankful that the holidays are upon us (it's my favorite time of year, you know? :), and I'm thankful for a sweet husband who recognizes that it's important for me to have alone time...a lot!

  2. So many great things to be thankful for! Today, I am thankful for a job I love since I will be here until 1am :) and coffee!

  3. I'm thankful that I live across the street from some super cute little people named Charlie & Jack and their mommy and daddy who are my 1st born and her husband! Not every Nana and Papa have the privilege of seeing their grandchildren nearly every day.
    I'm also thankful for our granddaughter, Natasha (aka T, Tot, Tasha, etc.) our first grandchild, who lives with us (along with mom & step-daddy) and who had her 10th birthday this week. WoW, how God has changed me through her life!

  4. I love cheese too :) All sorts of cheese.

  5. How sweet =) I love the picture of your daily walk! I'm definitely thankful for great friends and my family!

  6. I've always read your blog...was catching up and saw you live in south ga. We are in Columbus ga. Fun! Wish we could've real life friends. Ilove that you are real..authentic,


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