Wednesday, November 9, 2011

giving thanks { days 4-9 }

I am continuing my 30 days of thanks {see days 1-3}.
I was so inspired by Elizabeth Caldwell's sketchbook that I decided I needed to use my own.

I am also thankful for:
4. Creativity. I don't know how or why, but my body and soul longs to be creative. I want to use colors and textures and I want to make things with my hands. I am constantly inspired by everything around me. It hinders me from time to time because I get over excited and over committed and forget there is life beyond arts and crafts, but still I am so grateful I enjoy living a creative life.
5. A goooood cup of coffee. Every morning I got through Operation Coffee Time. Seriously. I will not drink a cup of coffee that has been sitting in the pot for over a minute. Thank goodness I can usually enjoy a good cup of coffee for 5 minutes.
6. Mr.Wonderful irons his own clothes. Hallelujah.
7. Nap time. Currently the boys take an afternoon nap that overlaps so I get a little bit of time where I can do things like unload the dishwasher, crochet, exercise, or enjoy a big fat bowl of
8. Bluebell Banana. Nut. Bread. Ice Cream. I know. Shut the front door. [sidenote: I sent Robbie to the grocery store and one of the things on the list was banana nut muffin mix. He brought home ice cream. No complaints here.]
9. Grace-forgiveness-not passing judgement. We never know what another person is going through. I am thankful I have been given grace when I fail and I hope I learn to do the same.  A friend shared this with me, and I have been keeping it in mind:
"A man was really unkind to me today at work. I kept my cool, but afterward wanted to blow up. Then my coworker explained that the man had had several strokes, which left him with a different personality than he had ever had. It reminded me that we never really know why a person is difficult to deal with. We always need to show grace and mercy."

In my sketch 
T is a paint brush and pen, H is on a coffee cup, A is an iron, N is catching some zzzz's, K is an ice cream scoop and an ice cream cone, S is green paint and has no relation to my #9. 
Also, Notice these are not IG pics! No I don't have a new camera, but I did get to use a real one for this post, AND I am very thankful. Very.

What about you?