Monday, November 28, 2011

We thanked { days 24 - 30 }

Thanksgiving was wonderful.
Short version:
We thanked, we ate, we napped.
Long version:
It was complete chaos in our house with me cooking, the boys running around like turkeys, Mr.Wonderful trying to keep the peace, and Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on two televisions.
I contributed green bean casserole and butternut squash casserole (think heaven in your mouth with pecans and brown sugar on top). I also baked my first apple pie (thanks to Alison). Everything turned out wonderful.
As we walked across the street to my parents (which took three trips-one with boys, one with food, one with a high chair) I smiled and teared up. My heart was full.

I am thankful for:
24. Dessert on special occasions, heck, dessert any time. Pictured above my mama's wonderful pumpkin pie with only 1/4 of the actual Cool Whip I eat with my pie.
25. The way the boys' hair look after nap time. Charlie's hair is always messy and Jack wakes up with a faux-hawk like this:

26. The Magic Eraser. Charlie used a red crayon on our kitchen floor yesterday, and after I disciplined him I made it magically disappear within 5 seconds.
27. Mr.Wonderful's sense of humor and ability to make awkward/serious situations silly. I am often too serious and he reminds me to lighten up.
28. Friends who use their talents/gifts to benefit you and others even when they don't have to.
29. The way my boys play together... Of course as I type this I hear, "No, Babe (Charlie calls Jack 'Babe') hit me!"
30. Memories. Recording things I am thankful for over the past 30 days made me stop and think about all the things I cherish, big and small.

I am thankful I can share things with you.