Friday, February 17, 2012

updates, pen & paper

I have been asked how life is different with me taking a break.
If I must be honest, and I must.
I don't think anything is different.
I still haven't finished all the things I have to do.
Life is still chaotic. I do have two small children. Boys, I remind you.
I do exercise daily. Okay, almost daily.
I do make up my bed. At least by 3:30 PM.
Oh, and I go to bed before 10 PM.
Those changes have occurred. So exciting.
But for real, taking a break has been a good thing.
I have learned a lot. I have been encouraged a lot.

In case you have been reading for a while I did want to share some stuff:
Charlie turned 3 in January. 
We had a fabulous Mickey Mouse party.


Apparently when you turn 3 you get an attitude and you become obsessed with Legos.
He is very opinionated. Like his mother, whoever she is.
He also has started Speech Therapy at a local school 2x a week.
I never shared before but he started ST at home back in August.
For a parent whose child has a speech problem it is an amazing thing to hear them say things you never imagined. 

Some of the things he says the most:
"Mama you mad?"
and in relation to his new attitude-"I told you I wanted..."
They don't sound exactly like that, but it is clear what he is saying.

Jack has become a very feisty 18 month old.

Don't be fooled by the picture of what appears to be a sweet little girl playing dress up.
He had a check-up with the cardiologist last week.
His ASD & pulmonary stenosis are the same. Which is a good thing because it hasn't gotten any worse. However, there was still mention of surgery to patch the hole in his atrium in a year and a possible stent for his pulmonary valve.
We will go back in May 2013.

And in case you were worried I stopped creating,
I have not.
I found a note pad and some pens stashed in my closet
along with a really nice set of watercolors.
Sometimes it pays to have a husband who likes to explore creative avenues.

I have been sketching.
It's fun, and unlike paint I can put it down or pick it up when I like.

I asked on InstaGram and Facebook if
people had a quote/verse/phrase they would like to see in a sketch.
I want to know if you have one too.
It can be silly, sweet or serious.
If I choose to sketch yours I will share it and let you know.

That's all for now.
Happy February, almost March!