Wednesday, March 14, 2012

happy changes

{sketch in progress}

{My first sketch turned into a print that I am going to
be sharing as a free printable soon. Yay!}

{A free printable I created for Beautifully Rooted
You can download it and print it for free!}

I had no idea when I took a break I would discover a new way of creating art.
I simply found some pens and note pads in a closet.
What I have been using as a creative outlet has become another way for me to 
"add beauty to the world" 

I had no idea until yesterday I would be changing things around, like big time.
If you look at my header here you will see it is now
"pen & paint".
I have changed my blog to
If you subscribe/follow there is no changes on your part, but I have added an option to have posts delivered by email (look over in the left column).
The shop has changed too! Thankfully Etsy allows name changes and if you marked my shop as a favorite or an item as a favorite it is still there, the name of my shop is just different.
On Twitter and IG I am now @penandpaints.
Again no changes on your part, just the name change.
However, if you follow Paint Me a Picture on Facebook you will need to "unlike" that page and "like" the new one

Oh and I got a fancy new email address:

The shop is still on vacation, but it will be open again soon
with new products, and as I am sure you have guessed
it will include my sketches, prints and paintings.

Happy changes!
Thank you all for your encouragement and support.


  1. So exciting! Loving the new direction that you are going with everything and I can't wait to see all that emerges! Huge hugs!

  2. Very exciting news!! Love that you are sharing your talents!! I'm going to have that print framed for my kiddos room!! So thanks a bunch! Can't wait to see what all you will create in the future!

  3. This is so exciting!!! Congrats on the big steps in a new direction!!!

  4. I like it! Really like those detailed drawings. And glad to see you popping back into the handmade world. :)

    I've had a lot of Handmade With Purpose thoughts over the last few months but little time to get it all down. Basically just wanting to get back into that but not having the time/energy to devote. :/

  5. What exciting changes, Lindsay! I love the new blog design and shop name :)

  6. Your sketch looks lovely, can't wait to see the print version of it =) I really love your drawing style.

  7. such exciting news! i love the new branding...your artwork is amazing as always :)

  8. so coincidental, living parallel lives i tell ya. been toying around with a new shop name for weeks & i think today's the day i got it. so scary. :) but i'm glad i have a pal making these scary & exciting switches along side of me! because you remind me of things like ... that i'm going to have to switch my e-mail address? ay-yi-yi. that's tough. SO EXCITED for you. happy sketching & creating HOWEVER you want! [p.s. are you sure 'yarn' shouldn't be added in? you make a ridiculously mean scarf wrap!] :) xo


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