Friday, April 27, 2012

our week in Instagram 4/20 - 4/26

Love the messy. Love the beautiful.
I made this original for Crystal using her sweet words.
I'm still trying to figure whether I want to make it into a print or how I can change the design around some.

My monkeys jumping on the bed.
Yes, someone got hurt.

Colorful dinner prep.
I don't like green beans very much, but I do like to roast these in the oven with a little olive oil and garlic salt and they taste so much better.

Sneaking a treat. Don't tell My Fitness Pal.

Between my dress, my apron and my rug there is a floral overload.

We celebrating Mr.Wonderful's birthday this week.
Wednesday was quite an event that included 
a mama trying to put balloons in a car with a child on her hip and another holding her hand while wearing a dress on a windy day.
To top it off my phone accidentally called Alison, and 
she has a detailed message of the event.

The Dollar Tree has sombreros, and we decided we needed one.

This week's C25k runs were really hard for me.
REALLY hard. Yesterday Charlie screamed for 29 minutes, 
and I am pretty sure I swallowed a bug.
I am assuming I haven't had the rest I needed (sleep at night) and that is the result for it being so difficult. I really hope so because I can't see myself running for longer segments and feeling the way I did over the past few days.

We have a baby!
Actually three - a baby bell pepper, a baby jalapeno pepper, and a baby asparagus. The garden is growing!

Hope you had a great week!
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