Friday, April 13, 2012

thoughts & pretty things

{ print }

Almost three months ago I shared I was taking a break. I finally gathered the courage to admit I wasn't balancing things well. Having a shop became a burden; blogging became a burden; too many irons in the fire just equaled a big ole mess. 

During my "time off" I really had a chance to reevaluate my priorities. I became the perfect housewife and mother and immediately lost 25 pounds. What? Hahahahaha. Wouldn't that be nice? No really, I began to rethink being a housewife and mother and I also started taking care of myself more. At the one month mark I didn't feel any different. Today, I do feel different, though. I am still disorganized. I still let my boys watch an episode of Sesame Street while I try to get something done (like write this post). I still feed my kids (blankity-blank) peanut butter sandwiches when they won't eat anything else. But I feel stronger, mentally and physically.  
I feel happy.

As you have seen, during my break I began drawing, doodling, sketching. I really don't know what to call it. I just sit down with a pen and a sketchbook and hope something good happens. I have taken advantage of social networking and shared my work. As an artist it feels so good to be able to show people what you have made. And my response really is thank you for the sweet comments on what I create. There is enough ugly stuff in the world, so I just want to add some things that are pretty.

I am back. It's not that I disappeared, but I think I am back on a more consistent basis. I want to blog, and I want it to be from my heart. I want it to edify and encourage. I don't want what I do to be for more followers, more comments, more traffic, more pins. 
I want it to be simply to connect with you and to put a smile on your face. [You may say, "I thought that is what you were doing before." And it was, but I had just gotten to a place where my intentions were mixed up.]

So, there are my thoughts. Thank you for following along and thank you for encouraging.

Life is short y'all.
Let's do something pretty while we can.


  1. You are beautiful from the inside out, Lindsay! I'm so excited you're back and feeling good about your work-life balance. Hugs!

  2. In the end feeling happy is all that really matters. I'm so happy your time off helped. I need to do that. I told my husband that May was my month. I need some time to refocus and make something pretty :o) I love that print.

  3. i am with you in so many ways friend!! all we can do is be intentional and except that we will have these times when enough is enough and we must step back and refocus!

  4. I am so glad you are in a good place. i am still working on making it back to my blog on a more consistent basis. Love ya girl!

  5. Haha- at first when I read "I became the perfect housewife and mother and immediately lost 25 pounds." I was like, dang I need to take a break too :) Haha!! I did take a break for about 6 - 7 months and recently started my business back up, but started fresh.

    Anyways, I'm so happy that you're feeling HAPPY. That's really all that matters, right? I've loved seeing all of your sketches on instagram, and am loving your new shop. (The "make something pretty" print is now on my bday list!)


  6. I'm very excited to read this, as I found your blog (and shop) while you were taking your time off, and instantly fell in love with your style. It is so clear to see that your art is filled with the real you... and genuine heartfelt art is hard to come by, so thank you =)

  7. YOU are pretty :)

    I just love all your drawings!

  8. breaks are good. re-evaluating is good. i can see your new energy oozing in all these fun sketches and i am so happy for you.


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