Saturday, May 5, 2012

our week in Instagram 4/27 - 5/4

My mama made us some naan.
This plate is big and there are two very large pieces of naan here.
It was gone in 5 minutes. It's gonna be something we make again.
(Like how I said we? That's what mamas are for.)

A custom order sketch.
LOTS going on here, but it's very fun. 
Right now I am color it with my Prismacolors.

More jumping on the bed. Charlie's in there too.
I just let them jump and bounce around until someone gets hurt.

Little camera paintings for the shop.
I made 12 of them last year and loved how they turned out.
I am happy to add them to the shop today!

How is it May? I feel like April didn't even happen,
and it should still be March.
That means 3 weeks until summer break, 
and Mr.Wonderful will be home!

My little helper and the growing garden.
We found our first tomato this week.

This week's C25k was much better than last week's.
Going earlier in the morning and bribing my children with a lollipop if they didn't scream or fight while I jogged helped greatly.

No, don't even ask.
I just like pickles.

A new wreath is in the works for the front door.
I am cutting up old tank tops. Nothing is safe in this house.
If it can be cut, painted, drawn on then it's game.

Have a happy weekend!