Tuesday, June 26, 2012

$10 prints, oh yeah!

I am busy drawing up new things, and I decided it's time to retire a few prints.
What does that mean?
It just means for now these prints are going to be sold at a big discounted price and will no longer be available in the shop.
They might come back, they might not. For now we just need to make room for the new, fun prints I have in progress.
Check them out here.


  1. Hey there! I'm Stacy from The Fancy Fritter & I'm a sponsor with Sew Caroline also this month, so I just wanted to stop by & say hello! :-) I love your drawings & have liked your shop! I LOVE the coffee cup one! So true! :-) Well, have a great afternoon! ~Stacy

  2. OH NO!!! Is the "behind every woman..." print completely sold out? I can't find it! I've been wanting to buy it when I got my own office at work as a "reward." When I saw it in this post I hurried over to just get it now.


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