Saturday, June 23, 2012

summer lovin'

This is what summer looks like around these parts.
-Tomatoes from the garden - none of use eat raw ones so they have all been frozen and are ready for chili in the winter. 
-My first fall. I am super clumsy so I don't know how it took me this long to not have a running accident. Somehow I rolled my ankle and busted up my knee pretty badly. No worries, a week of rest and I was back at it, hopefully a little more carefully.
-Our garden grew and we had a nice little harvest.
-Lunch break and designing my new logo.
-Needles and thread.
-Playground shenanigans.
-Learning lessons to not leave pens out and sketches unattended. Charlie decided he needed to help me draw.
-A free printable and fun project with Sew Caroline.
-Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
-A mini hike to Amicalola Falls.
-Color on the go.
-New pens from Mr.Wonderful and pretty things from Happy Days and Bits of Splendor.
-My Julep collection, some of which will soon be available in the shop.
-Art time with the boys.
-Postal Pix collage and the boys artwork in my newly painted kitchen.
-Having fun with my new pens.
-The new kitchen series.
-My first unbroken run! 20 minutes straight of running in my C25k.
-Pretty dinner preparations.
-Filling orders with full hands and a happy heart (oh and my fancy necklace from Mandipidy).

As you can see we've been busy. I thought we might have to find something to fill the days with Daddy being home for summer break, but it feels like we don't slow down. It's fun though.

How's your summer going? Any exciting adventures?


  1. I love how you have so many pictures in a quilt like pattern. How do you do that? Everytime I put pictures on my blog they just line up one below the other.... How do you do that?

  2. I loveee micron pens. :)) I just got some prismacolor ones in the same sizes as the micron. Going to test them out and see which brand I like better.

    Love all the pictures!!

    Happy Monday!! xo

  3. I am sure you have said before, but I am new to your blog, so what do you use to put your instagrams in a collage? Love all your prints!

  4. Amy ^ I use picmonkey to make collages of my pictures. It's free and pretty easy to use.


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