Tuesday, July 10, 2012

new things and a discount

I've added some new prints to the shop and of course that means it's time for a discount.
There are three new colors added to the "Do Small Things With Great Love" series.
{ green }  { orange }  { purple }

I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a print with simple hand lettering and no additional design.
The verse (Hebrews 3:13) is actually something my husband wrote on a scrap of paper and put on our refrigerator. I see it every day and it's a constant reminder for me.
I knew I wanted to do a print of the verse, but just couldn't decide what. After drawing the text and trying to figure out a design I finally realized it could stand alone.

{ found here & available in multiple colors }

There is also something new here and here.

You can save 15% on your order (any print) by using the code NEW15 through today.


  1. So pretty! I love all of the new colors! :)

  2. Your hand lettering is beautiful!!

  3. It's so pretty! I love it.


  4. I just recently found your blog through Twitter (I think?) and I'm loving your artwork! You're so talented and I love that you're using your gifts for such an awesome cause.

  5. I love all of your work. And, since I found out you live in Albany... am hoping I can meet you sometime soon. :)


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