Thursday, July 5, 2012

things that never get old

some things just never get old.
pretty flowers in a jar
sun breaking through storm clouds
giggles, snuggles, possibly most words that have two g's like those
the quiet house after the boys have gone to bed
holding hands
encouraging words
gifts in the mail
a blank canvas/piece of sketch paper

What simple pleasures never get old for you?


  1. Yep none of those things get old.

  2. Its so pretty. I have to keep fresh flowers in my house all the time, It makes my house seem so happy!!

  3. Pretty flowers never get old. Nor do gifts in the mail!

  4. agreed! these little things in life are lovely!

  5. waking up next to my husband
    answered prayers
    sun-kissed cheeks
    the sound of rain on a tin roof
    the toothless smile of my 90 year old, great-grandmother
    hearing I love you
    the howling of the wind
    crashing waves of the ocean
    Georgia peaches
    a handwritten note
    ...never gets old

    I loved this post! :)

  6. oh flowers and mason jars... two of my favorite things :)

  7. all of those things = swoon

    the smell of brewing coffee
    fresh bath towels
    blueberries straight off the bush
    smiles from friends, even from a computer screen:)

    xoxo happy almost weekend, fancy girl!

  8. awwww. Holding hands with you never gets old either. Oh wait, you did mean me, right? ;)


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