Friday, July 13, 2012

yes, that was easy { magnet clothespins }

I am constantly putting pieces of paper on the fridge
(invitations, coupons, business cards, reminders, whatever I don't want to lose or have the boys turn into a pirate map).
I like magnets, but I like them even better if I can clip something to them. 
Enter the easiest craft on earth:
Magnet clothespins covered in cute washi tape.
What you need is magnetic tape from your craft store, washi tape, and wooden clothespins. Tear off a strip of washi tape a tad bit longer than your clothespin, stick it on the clothespin and fold over the edges. Boom, cute clothespin. Then cut a small piece of magnet tape, peal off the little piece of paper and adhere the sticky side to the bottom part of the back of your clothespin.
There you have cute, clip magnets.

I used mine to display my fun print from Yellow Heart Art.
You can find washi tape here or at Target (I hear they carry it now).
I got my clothespins for a dollar at Walmart, and my magnet tape is old, but I am sure it was from Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

Go get your craft on.