Thursday, November 1, 2012

right now

Team Hop custom family portrait by Hunter Haines
This is us right now.
Daddy with his nose in a book and always up for board games. 
Mama with pens in one hand and paint brushes in another.
Two little boys who love to dress up as super heroes (thank you superstore for $10 pajamas with a cape).
It's never quiet at our house unless the boys are asleep or unless they are getting into something they are not supposed to. Someone is always whining, crying, laughing, jumping, running, roaring, or growling. It's fun, crazy, and tiring.

I absolutely love how Hunter captured us. We don't look picture perfect as we would in a photographed portrait. We are our quirky selves (and to be honest, my legs have never been that skinny and that makes me love this even more).

We framed and hung this next to our other custom family portraits by my friend Shannon. We plan to have more drawn over the years by other artists. I can't wait to look at the wall of illustrations over the years. I think it will be something really special for our home to have a gallery of hand drawn portraits. 

I also think everyone should have one made. Seriously.