Tuesday, May 29, 2012

cheers to three years...

Three years ago at this time in 2009 I was painting and selling some of my art locally, and I had a friend who mentioned I should sell on Etsy. 
I didn't know what Etsy was or how to spell it.
I had no clue what I was doing. I had no clue about the handmade community.
I just jumped right in and started figuring things out as I went.
I now laugh at some of the things I made and how I tried to do things.
It has all be a huge learning process. It still is.

I went from painting large 18x24 and 16x20 custom nursery art to smaller children's art to quirkly little mustache, sewing, and camera paintings to State Love paintings to no paintings while I took a break. I remember trying to sketch things for custom orders.
My sketches always looked horrible and I would tell customers I don't draw well, but I can paint. 
It's crazy how I limited myself. I told myself I couldn't do something so I didn't even try.

Thankfully, I developed relationships with some amazing people. I met Maggie (through email) and she began encouraging me and helping me with ideas. I met Danielle (through email and then in person). She listened to me doubt myself and be afraid of what everyone else thought and she prayed for me and reminded me of my talent and that I was "enough". Then I met Alison (through email and in person four times, but who is counting?). She not only put my paintings in every room of her house but she also encouraged me, sang my praises, defended me when I needed it, and sends me awesome presents like that necklace up there.
Throughout these three years I have met so many other wonderful people who have taught me and cheered me on (the list would go on forever so I'm not naming names :).

Now I am in a whole new place, doing something I said I couldn't do. I have never been told by anyone other than myself that I wasn't capable of doing anything. My parents never said I couldn't do something, they always supported me. My friends never said I couldn't do anything, nor has my husband. 
It's always been about me not believing I could do it.
Up until this year I wouldn't even call myself an artist.

I would say I like to paint or create, but to say, "I am an artist," was too much for me to wrap my mind around.

Today though, I can tell you, I am an artist.
I cannot put into words what my dreams are or my plans are, but I can say I no longer believe I am not capable of doing things.

SO - cheers to three crazy years.
Thank you to all the friends and family who have been here the entire time. 
Thank you to all the people who support me.
I am very excited about the future!
Now, go buy something (wink) and take 20% off 
(what? you know you want to take advantage of a discount).
Use the code CHEERS20 today through Thursday, May 31st.

Friday, May 18, 2012

our week(s) in Instagram 5/5 - 5/17

whew. two weeks in pictures = random and imagine me spilling this all out like the micro-machine guy - don't act like you don't remember that commercial ;)
no clothes are necessary for lunch at out house, and these boys will eat an entire bag of sun chips if I let them . if you leave a basket of clean laundry in sight these boys can unfold and scatter it in 5.2 seconds . the bugs are in full effect in South Georgia so we use No Natz to try to keep them away (it works for me but those gnats won't leave the boys alone) . Etsy tweeted me!!! (that means they tweeted one of my listings to all their twitter followers and posted a link of the listing on their Facebook page - it was a big deal for this girl) . rice krispie treats are something I will never make again - I made a huge mess and had an anxiety attack in the process and of course the boys didn't even like them . the custom order turned into a print . mud baths = mid-day bubble baths . a new version of the camera print . breakfast for dessert . baby pears . packing up lots of orders and very, very thankful . cardboard rocket ships . Jack the artist and tea for me . our garden is growing - flowers on our potato, garlic and squash plants . expanding a sketch I did a few months ago (I'll be listing this one soon in several colors) . silly time with my boys . sombreros in the morning . be still and know print . allergy relief = meds, hot tea, and drawing . 869 uses for old things (on of my mother's day gifts and it was perfect for me) . my gift to my mama . Charlie the comedian . our first "fruits" from the garden

we only have one more week before Mr.Wonderful is off!
are you ready for summer?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Make Something Pretty - upcycled fabric wrapped wreath

Surprise! It's a new season and a new wreath.
{hi to all you new readers, I like to make wreaths so for all my blog readers who have been around a while, they have seen me make 421 wreaths}

I go through my closet every year and collect clothes to donate to charity. I have had 6 or 7 tank tops I've been holding on to in my craft junk because I just love the colors.
A few weeks ago I decided I needed a new late spring/summer wreath and these colors were perfect.

In case you need some directions on how to make a fabric wrapped wreath:
-wreath (I used an 18" straw wreath and keep it covered in the plastic)
-hot glue gun and glue
-fabric (as mentioned I used tank tops, but you could use any scrap fabric or old clothing you have - a long skirt would be perfect. If you need to buy fabric you can get about 1 to 1 1/2 yards)

-Cut the whole yard of fabric into 2" strips.
-Hot glue an end of fabric to the back side of the wreath and allow to cool. Then wrap the fabric around the wreath covering the end and and continue wrapping the remaining fabric around the wreath overlapping it so none of the wreath shows through. Once you reach the end of the strip of fabric hot glue the end to the back side of the wreath. Continue until the wreath is completely covered.
-Choose your embellishments. I chose to cute little triangles from felt and then strung them on a piece of embroidery thread with a needle. I hot glued the thread to the back of the wreath to make it look like little bunting banners.
-Hang your pretty wreath for all to see.

Make something pretty and share what you make!

Friday, May 11, 2012

because we all need reminders

A friend asked me to create a print based on the verse Psalm 46:10.
We all need to be reminded to stop and rest in the promises of God:
to know He provides, He comforts, He heals...

So be reminded, be encouraged, be still and know.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

don't buy balloons on a windy day

"Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease."
-Lisa Alther

cartoon by Mama Pea at growingsweetpea.com

A few weeks ago we celebrated my husband's birthday.
That morning I had ideas of grandeur (notice I said that day, because you can plan a big celebration in a day, right?).
The boys and I were going to go buy a gift, get balloons, and stop by the grocery store for a few things.  During nap time I was going to cook and clean and bake.

Everything was planned, and my list was ready.
Birthday gift. Check.
Groceries. Check.
Balloons. Check.
 Spiderman and Elmo balloons, because what daddy wouldn't love those? I was feeling pretty good. Then I realized I had to get to the car with balloons, two busy little boys, and a very windy day.  I was wearing a dress. A dress apparently designed like a parachute so when I stand near our car and the wind blows it goes up to the sky. 

There I am, trying to:
- talk in a nice voice
- keep Charlie calm (he's all upset about the balloons frantically winding and twisting) 
-keep Jack on my hip (who is complete dead weight because he has no idea how to hold on when being held)
-shove balloons in our tiny car (see above description)
-keep my parachute dress from pulling a Marilyn Monroe

All the while I had somehow managed to call my friend and leave her a detailed message of everything. Let the record show, I didn't yell. Thankfully all the things I was saying in my head and under my breath didn't make it to the phone receiver, hahaha.

Of course, at the time none of this was funny. I was totally able to laugh about it after the fact when Alison called me and told me about the message. When I tweeted about the fiasco my friend Mama Pea laughed with me and made the above funny cartoon.

Motherhood is not easy, but it is funny, most of the time.
Share with me a funny mama drama story. I only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and I need a good laugh :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

our week in Instagram 4/27 - 5/4

My mama made us some naan.
This plate is big and there are two very large pieces of naan here.
It was gone in 5 minutes. It's gonna be something we make again.
(Like how I said we? That's what mamas are for.)

A custom order sketch.
LOTS going on here, but it's very fun. 
Right now I am color it with my Prismacolors.

More jumping on the bed. Charlie's in there too.
I just let them jump and bounce around until someone gets hurt.

Little camera paintings for the shop.
I made 12 of them last year and loved how they turned out.
I am happy to add them to the shop today!

How is it May? I feel like April didn't even happen,
and it should still be March.
That means 3 weeks until summer break, 
and Mr.Wonderful will be home!

My little helper and the growing garden.
We found our first tomato this week.

This week's C25k was much better than last week's.
Going earlier in the morning and bribing my children with a lollipop if they didn't scream or fight while I jogged helped greatly.

No, don't even ask.
I just like pickles.

A new wreath is in the works for the front door.
I am cutting up old tank tops. Nothing is safe in this house.
If it can be cut, painted, drawn on then it's game.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Love ♥ & a FREE printable

Teacher's Appreciation Week starts on Monday, May 7th.
It's a great time to get a special gift for the teachers in your life.
We LOVE Charlie's teacher (his speech therapist).  He calls her "my Miss Leigh".
So sweet.

I had a cute personalized embroidery hoop made for her, and I am going to put together a basket of other goodies just letting her know we truly do appreciate her.
I made a mini chalkboard thank you card to go along with her gift,
and thought I should share it with you.

The printable comes with four little cards you can cut out and attach to your teacher appreciations gift or any thank you gift.
I think they'd be cute with a hole punched and ribbon tied around a mason jar too.
Show your teachers some love!

♥ Be sweet & remember this is a free printable for personal use only. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

shop talk & mamas

{NEW in the shop}

Mother's Day will be here in 12 days!
I worked on this with my mama in mind.
She reads my blog so her gift may not be a surprise. Oh well :)

Have you gotten your mama or the mama in your life something?
You can take 15% off your order now through May 5th-
use the code MAMA15
All orders will go out in time for you to give them as gifts for Mother's Day, 
and you can have your order shipped directly to your mama.
{ shop }