Friday, January 25, 2013

a few things on Friday 1.25.13

1. This week has turned out to be such a beautiful one. For us it has included Charlie turning four, cookie cake and playing outside in the dirt sunshine.

2. Camellias are such beautiful flowers. Thankfully the bush in my parents' yard has so many that a few aren't missed when I pick them for my counter in a mason jar. Someone suggested I make a print like this. I think I like the idea.

3. I took a little time to play on Saturday and used watercolors for the first time. Meh. Not my favorite. I realized it will take a lot of learning and practice to become comfortable with them.

4. I have been enjoying lots of tea lately. This is my go to for something sweet and this is my I-can't-live-without-it tea.

5. Have you seen these Valentines? So fun. Oh and I have some heartsy ones too. 

6. How fun is this? I always make such a mess of my yarn when I crochet (which hasn't been very often lately), but I would totally love to have one of these.

7. I'm excited about being a sponsor again for this

8. And there are more of these in the works. I have about seven I'm finishing up, and I got a new shipment of canvases in so I better get busy!

I think that is all for now. Happy Friday.


  1. Your second tea link doesn't work! Have you linked your friday posts to those at Conversion Diary? She does 7 quick takes every Froday and invites others to link theirs if they wish! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Sarah! It's fixed (mint medley btw). I'll look up Conversion Diary :)

  2. :)
    PS I love that print you are working on!! I completely agree: There is ALWAYS time for tea!!

  3. love those flowers! they are way too pretty!

    i'm sure you'll master watercolors in no time too... happy weekend!!

  4. Mint medly my absolute favorite. I need one of the camera paintings.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Yay for January babies! He is just a day (and 2 years) apart from Kate. I LOVE your teacup are SO talented!!!

  6. Your tea illustrations are so cute! I will have to try that Vanilla Caramel tea... sounds yummy! :)
    (I just did a post on my blog about tea... I love it!!!)

  7. I didn't know it was possible to get through a day without tea... I heard a rumour once but was too scared to try it... a day without tea would be a scary scary thing...

    love the illustration and can't wait to see more
    T xx

  8. I love your little tea drawings.
    That flower is very beautiful. :)


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