Friday, May 10, 2013

a few things on Friday 5.10.13

1. How adorable is this? I've purchased a few of her things as sweet gifts, and I love her style.

2. Mother's Day will be 2 months since we lost Baby #3. I've just had mamas on my heart this week and those who want to become mamas. I hope you will take time to send love to your mother/step mother/foster mother/grandmother/aunt/mother-in-law/mother figure in your life. 
I'm pretty sure this is the toughest job on the planet.

made by Kelly 
3. Week 2 of c25k is done. Still not so much fun.
And someone asked on my last blog post about my jogging stroller. We use this one. And though I am having to push two growing little boys I'm so glad I have something to hang on to so I don't fall flat on my face :)

4. If you a part of the handmade community I think this post is good. You may not agree with everything, but I think it's something we need to keep in the front of our minds when we create.

5. Have you been watching this show? I really, really, really enjoy it. 

6. Do you have photos of Pen & Paint artwork on your blog or just anywhere? I'd love to see them and feature them! Let me know :)

7. I've got artists lined up to feature in the upcoming weeks for this series. I'm looking forward to introducing you to some new people! The winner of the Uncommon Goods gift certificate from this week's post is Megan Bruch.
Hooray! I'll email you today. 

Happy Friday.