Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a few things on Friday but on Wednesday 5.29.13

On Friday we said goodbye to my beloved Granddaddy. That put things on hold for me so the post I had planned for the day understandably didn't go up. And then with the holiday weekend, well I just felt it was best to wait until today. So here are a few things on Friday just a few days late.

happy colors on my pallet
1. With the loss of a loved one I continue to keep these lyrics in mind by Chris Rice:
"Teach us to count the days. Teach us to make the days count... Life means so much." Good, sweet words.

2. Thank you to everyone who has shared about the Summer Bucket List printable! I found out through Melissa that you can send it to Staples or an office supply store and have it enlarged and printed. She did hers as a 24x36 for less than $5. I thought that was a great idea.

3. C25k - Well last week I loved it. I finished the week 3 runs on a great note. I felt motivated and happy about my progress. Then I started week 4 on Monday. I hate running again. ;) I'm preparing myself to have to redo this week, but that's okay because I am DOING it.

4. This past weekend I realized my Etsy shop is 4 years old! It has gone through many changes in those 4 years. I am pretty sure that deserves a celebration. On Friday (5/31) and Saturday (6/1) I'm going to be having some Flash Sales and discount codes. I'll be sure to post them here, but you can also see them through twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. The winner of the Recipe for Crazy giveaway is Emily. Congratulations I'll connect you with Lesley today! I hope everyone is enjoying meeting artists through the I Heart Art series.

6. Mr. Pen & Paint is off for the summer starting on Friday. I. Cannot. Wait. And neither can the boys. I am so very grateful for the time we get to have Daddy home.

7. Oh! I almost forgot. There will be some new prints in the shop too. They will be listed in time for the sale. I'm so anxious to finish them, but for now my hands are full with paintbrushes as I finish up a project for a local cupcakery

Talk to y'all on Friday!