Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a few things on whatever today is ... 7.16.13

1. Summer time is in full swing as you can see from my lack of posts and lack of knowing what day it is :) We have been swimming, eating frozen yogurt and fruit pops, taking day trips, and getting projects done around the house.

2. One of our projects is redoing my work space. Mr. Pen & Paint did a wonderful job on remaking this hand-me-down desk. I adore it! It's so much better than the computer desk we had and now I have lots of space to work on and drawers to fill. I already have lots of inspiration on the walls in this area but I've found a few other things I'd like to add like this and maybe some of my favorite pics from them.

3. I added new prints to the shop and I forgot to post them here! This one makes me want to go to the beach. This is something sweet Mr. Pen & Paint told me once and it's been special ever since. And this one (pictured below) is a reminder that I need daily.

4. My "I heart art" series will pick back up tomorrow. I actually got to meet the artist I'll sharing tomorrow!

5. I have some new products in the works. I've been getting samples, and I am SO excited about how things are turning out. I won't give any hints for now, but I think y'all will like them ;)

6. I'm itching to pick my paint brushes up so after I finish a project I have due this week be looking out for some camera, cupcake and coffee/tea cup canvases!

7. I'm stuck on week 7 of my c25k because I've been having trouble with my knee. I was really disappointed about it last week, but I realized I am still going. I'm not quitting and it's okay. I ran again yesterday, and my knee isn't bothering me today so my hopes are high that I can get back on track.

PS. I had a coupon code out on FB, twitter, & IG when I listed my new prints but forgot to share it here. SO, I'm extending the code until 7/18. You can use the code NEW20 for 20% off your order in the shop.

I hope y'all are enjoying your summer time.