Thursday, August 22, 2013

you are {washi} welcome

The first time I saw washi tape I instantly fell in love. Seriously - tape that is colorful and pretty, I mean what more do you need? From there my collection began. I use it to package all my orders, and I keep a colorful variety on hand. I began storing it in ball jars. However, that meant every time I needed a certain one I had to pour all the rolls on the table. This led my boys to believe we were having a tape party, and I'm sorry but mama doesn't share her washi.
I started brainstorming what I could use to store & dispense my tape. I searched but couldn't quite find a dispenser I liked. My first thought was to have Mr. Pen & Paint put hooks and a detachable dowel on my shelves. However, I'm a little impatient and wanted something right away. I remembered seeing some mention tension rods for storage... Aha! A tension rod that would fit my shelves. I found a small $3 tension rod (from Walmart or Lowes), organized my pretty tape and my washi problem was solved.

I shared about this on IG and that same day my artist friend Aimee took it up a notch. She went out and bought a tension rod but put it on her art table. I mean how wonderful is that!? My kitchen studio table is round so I can't do this, but I have noted her brilliant idea for the future. Oh, and also Aimee has designed some of her own washi (it's sold out but don't worry she's got more coming).

Some of my other favorite shops that sell washi are here and here.
Do you like washi as much as I do?