Friday, January 31, 2014

a few things on Friday 1.31.14

1. This month we celebrated our favorite 5 year old. It's hard to believe my oldest is F-I-V-E.
I do love this age. It's so wonderful to see all the things he learns. I feel like I need to write down everything he says because it's either hilarious, profound, or makes no sense. My favorite thing he says right now is, "I love all the hearts of you." I translate that to, "I love you with all my heart." :)

2. Every year since my oldest was born I've told myself to make a photo book. Every year I let it go undone.
So to start 2014 off becoming the best version of myself, which includes finishing projects, I made this.

The option to upload photos from directly Instagram is my favorite. I never finished books from years past because I had this idea that all my pictures needed to be with my DSLR, edited, and perfect. I threw all that out the window. I chose to go the simple route with no dates, captions, or quotes, and I love how it turned out. Now I just need to make one for 2009-2012.
Also, I just saw you can save 50% on your photobook through 2/3. 
(This is not an ad, sharing is caring.)

3. We had our first snow in 4 years! I know it's technically a dusting for the northerners, but snow is snow. We were outside for 50 seconds - long enough for me to take 3 pictures and for the boys to touch their snow covered slide. Then we ran back in for hot cocoa.

4. I had the honor to illustrate the prompt design for the February 2014 Photo-A-Day challenge. Chantelle started the very popular photo-a-day challenge in 2012. It was so fun to work with her for this month's list. 

5. We decorated for Valentine's Day at our house yesterday.
I've never decorated for Valentine's Day before. This year is different. I want to celebrate every season in a simple way that gives my boys something to remember. They make seasonal decorations at school and their classrooms are filled with sweet little creations every month, and I decided to bring some of that into our home.

{heart cut out by Charlie . Love painting . crochet hearts . I made the simple felt banner with yarn and a hot glue gun . little love bird from Michael's}

6. I'm definitely ready for spring time. 
So all I want to do is paint flowers and more flowers.

7. “People who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” -J.M. Barrie ... I see this as a print in the near future!