Monday, January 13, 2014

a few things on Monday 1.13.14

1. Aren't these awesome? One in every color please.

2. There is something new coming to the shop. Samples came this past week and I was so pleased. I hope to have them in the shop in a little over a week!

3. How sweet is this? I received it as a Christmas gift. I have it sitting in my creative space with this.

4. Valentine's Day is a month away. I've got last year's free printable here.

5. Speaking of Valentine's, I've got some ideas for sweet little love themed canvases.

6. A few of my new favorite handmade shops are this, this, and this.

7. After reflecting on 2013 I realized I wasn't taking time to create for myself. There are several projects I wanted to do, but I busied myself with work so I didn't have the free time to try. Yesterday I sat down and learned how to crochet a circle. I learned some basic crochet stitches about 2 years ago, and now it's time to learn and create new things. What are you doing for yourself?

I hope you have a great week!