Thursday, January 16, 2014

all the ruffles

Obviously there is no such thing as too many ruffles, or too many Gussy Sews pouches for that matter. I use a large Gussy pouch for my yarn, a medium zip pouch for my markers, the two small pouches for my pens and crochet needles, and a small wrist-let for my watercolor pencils.

I love all my handmade goodies designed by Maggie of Gussy Sews.
Maggie and I got to know one another after I purchased my first "vintage" Gussy five years ago. It's so crazy to think I have enjoyed five years of growing friendships in the handmade community. Maggie is a good friend, and I have enjoyed watching her grow as a business woman who started by teaching herself to do what she loves and then turned it into a business. She's definitely an inspiration.

Gussy Sews has recently made big (fun) changes and evolved into the Gussy Club.
I can't wait to see how Maggie's handmade business grows. If you want to add a few more ruffles to your life check out the Gussy Club here :)