Tuesday, April 22, 2014

creativity takes...

Creativity takes courage.
Creativity takes freedom.
Creativity takes passion.
Creativity takes balance.
Creativity takes authenticity.
Creativity takes discipline.
Creativity takes time.

Creativity takes so much. It doesn't just happen. Those of us who create pour hours, days, weeks, months and even years into our work. It can be so frustrating.

The other day I was expressing my frustrations to a friend. I was sharing with her about my dreams and plans. I was listing all the things that make me who I am - 
a wife, a mother, an artist, an illustrator, a designer, a friend, a book keeper, a business owner, a chef, a referee, a daughter, a sister, a housekeeper… you get the point. It’s a lot. A LOT. I kept going on about how I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do.
She gently reminded me it was okay, and she said the most amazing thing. 
All in good time.
That phrase stopped me right there. It was like a light bulb.
They were simple words of wisdom that gave me so much peace.
I immediately wrote them on my inspiration board.

All in good time. 

I hope you and I will remember this in all the seasons we go through.
I hope we will have courage and freedom to create what is in our hearts. I hope we will be able to balance our passion with our daily lives. I hope we will be true to ourselves and others and remain authentic. I hope we will find discipline along the way.
And most of all I hope you and I will remember all things come in good time