Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Look What I Made! Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It's time to show our teacher's how much we love them.
What says 'thank you for teaching our children and all the other things you have to do' more than chocolate. 
Nothing, my thoughts exactly.

I wanted to do flowers, but not flowers so I made candy flowers from mini chocolate bars. I thought it would be super cute to use real pots, but when I saw these pretty mugs (from Walmart, what?!) I couldn't resist.

Go make something sweet for your teachers!
I found everything (other than the kraft crinkle stuffing) at Walmart:
cute mugs, mini candy bars, dowels, felt.
I broke the ends of the dowels off to fit the mugs.
I hot glued the back of the candy bars and the felt to the dowels.
I made four of these and the total cost came to $6.25 each.