Tuesday, September 9, 2014

creativity expressed

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scott Adams

To take colors, combine them, and see how they transform a simple piece of paper really is a magical thing. Sometimes I sit back and look at what I have drawn or painted and I can't believe my hands put that on paper. It's a humbling experience to have the chance to express the creativity that is inside.

Each time I create I have a different experience. More often than not, I have a struggle. I crumple up pieces of my sketch book and begin again. Sometimes the ink or paint flows easily, especially when I have no agenda. I think that's what's been the most interesting about my journey as an artist - I have experienced so many happy accidents.

For much of the beginning of my creative journey I just drew anything that came to mind. I had fun with drawing. This allowed me to learn and develop my skill with illustration and hand lettering. Now, rather than being intimidated to draw something new I dive in head first, excited to see what will happen when I put my pen to paper.

My newest creative outlet is watercolors. Whenever I have a creative block or need time to decompress from work I pull out my watercolors. I take a deep breath, and I just see what happens. This has been a wonderful tool for me to learn and a chance to surround myself with color. I look forward to the day when I feel the same confidence in my watercolor pieces as I do with drawing.
For now I will enjoy the journey and 
learn which mistakes to let go of and which ones to keep.

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