Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a peek inside the Pen & Paint Studio

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"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."
-Edwin Land

Two and a half years ago I found a set of pens and a sketch pad in my closet. I had no clue where those tools could take me. I honestly wasn't sure where to begin. Thanks to the push from another artist friend I kept trying and decided there wasn't anything to be afraid of. I had nothing to lose.

I drew and I drew and I drew more. My kitchen table became my work space, my shipping station, my conference room, etc. It was totally inconvenient, but it was my only option so we made it work. There were so many days I would say, "I wish I had my own studio." I couldn't imagine a day where I could have my own space.

Five months ago my family made some huge changes. One of them allowed me to focus on Pen & Paint full time. If I told you I wasn't afraid to fail I would be lying (remember this post). This meant I had to have my own space. My husband helped me transform our small spare bedroom into a sweet, colorful studio. It took several months, but after a few coats of paint, second hand furniture, and adding color and inspiration from other handmade shops and artists it finally came together.

My favorite part of my studio has to be my new work table (the only piece of furniture we purchased for the studio). And of course I love all the light! The studio has five windows, two facing east, allowing me to enjoy the sun come up each day while I sketch or paint.

My studio isn't perfect, but it is wonderful. I look forward to "going to work" each day and having a chance to create. If I could have my dream studio it would be about three times larger with hardwood floors, endless amounts of storage, a comfy couch, and a mural wall. Until then I'll enjoy this bright, little space and keep creating and sharing.

Wall collage: prints from Pen & Paint, sign from Evie Ivy Crafts, hoop from Big Red Heart. Black inspiration board: 2015 calendar from Recipe for Crazy, artwork from ArtsyvilleLetter Happy, and Today is Going to be a Great Day Page-A-Day Calendar. Handmade items from Natalie Creates ShopFarmgirl Paints, and Celebrate Life.