Monday, December 1, 2014

mama's new glasses (Firmoo review)

I needed new glasses. Mine were officially too old (we are talking as old as that little cutie there)!

I decided I needed new updated frames, and was pleased to find a cute pair on Firmoo.

Their website is so easy to use and their frames are super affordable. First-time customers get a pair free! I really enjoyed using their virtual try-on system where you can upload a photo of yourself to see what pair works best. I will advise you to be sure to look at the lens size (height and width) and maybe use a ruler to see how big the lenses are compared to your face. The cute pair of frames I picked out have very large lenses, so the next pair I buy will be a bit smaller.

The frames are great quality, my prescription lenses are just right, and the hard case & repair kit were a nice added touch.

If you are looking to update your glasses for an affordable price I recommend using Firmoo. I'll be ordering more soon!