Monday, November 30, 2015


My good friend Lesley asked me to host the sketch-a-day challenge for December. I'm excited to take time every day to draw some fun, festive sketches.

I also wanted to provide a list of my favorite drawing supplies (you can see all my favorite art supplies here), and give a few tips for participating.

My favorite sketch books are Strathmore. You can find them at your local art supply store or Amazon. Right now I really like using the 300 series  Sketch. The paper is smooth and a little on the thin side so it makes great for tracing if needed.

When I draw a sharp No. 2 pencil always does the trick with my big pink eraser. Faber-Castell pitt artist pens are my favorite. They were my first drawing pens, and I've been pleased with them for years. I use the F tip for most of my drawing, and then the 1.5 and the SB for my hand lettering. I also use a Sharpie sometimes or a Pentel brush pen from time to time. 

If you see a watercolor piece pop up in the challenge I'll probably be using my Winsor & Newton watercolor set.

For more info and links to these supplies you can read this post.

Below is the list of prompts for the sketch-a-day challenge. All you need to do is draw something inspired by the prompt, share about it on IG and use the #sketchaday_penandpaint tag. 
Keep in mind this is about having fun, so get creative
A few things:
-I always like to draw a rough sketch in pencil so I can get an idea of the direction I want to go. Something might look great in my mind, but when I get it on paper it doesn't work. 
-Use this challenged to on your hand-lettering or illustrating.
-Try new mediums and mix things up. 

I am so excited about this, and I can't wait to see what y'all create!