Friday, November 7, 2008

Paintings for Nursery Bedding

Painted to go with
Turtle Bay by CoCalo Baby

Painted to go with
Migi Splash Baby Bedding

Christmas Calendars

These are calendars to count 25 days up to Christmas. They are fun little additions to add to holiday traditions. Each painting has a move-able piece to transition each day. They also can be personalized with the family's name.


Red Tree


Red Tree 2

Snowman 2

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tiny Dancer

A variety of color combinations are available for these paintings.


"Um-Ah" went the little green frog one day...
Ribbon & background can be in any color and the "fly" is optional :)

For Little Girls


Pink Lady Bug


Red Lady Bug (black buttons are used for the dots)

Sugar & Spice

Personalized Initial Designs

Any of these paintings can be duplicated and personalized in a variety of colors and fonts.
A new, unique design can also be created.

Blue & Polka-dots w/Initial

Pink & Polka-dots w/Initial

Light Turquoise & White w/Initial

Black & White w/Initial

Black & Turquoise w/Initial


Available in any size, design, color and font.

These specific paintings were created for a wedding/wedding shower
for guests to sign.


ABC with personalized letter & name (can do any colors)

ABC (can be done in any color with any combination of things for letters)

Taste & See

I'm a Bulldog

For Little Boys

Sheriff's Badge

Cowboy Hat

Airplane with personalized banner