Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Use, Old Things - Blanket to Rags

If you are familiar with Real Simple you know they have a section in each monthly issue with new uses for old things. From their tips I usually find a creative way to reuse something in my house.

Well, just recently I came up with my own way to reuse something...of course, it's not very glamorous, but serves it's purpose well:

Mr. C is quite messy when it comes to eating. After every meal I found myself having to go to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean up..until I came across the blankets we received from the hospital when he was born. They are very absorbent and soft and work like a charm. I cut the blanket into squares and store the "new" rags in the handy compartment beneath his highchair for easy access. Plus, if they get stained it doesn't matter! Yay, new use, old thing.

If you don't have an old blanket to cut up or just want something snazzy, check out these cloth napkins made by Bleuroo...they are a lot cuter than mine.

PS...check out her jewelry too! It's on sale.