Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mammaly challenged...(let's try again)

...that would be challenged in the area of mammals...not sure if there should be two L's.

I have never been very good at painting animals to look like real animals. Though I can make them look like the cute frog to match your shower curtain I just can't seem to paint a realistic looking animal.

I did however take on the challenge last Christmas to paint a silhouette of a horse. A horse? Yes, a horse, one of the hardest creatures to paint know to man. I was 8 months pregnant and my brain had shrunk, but I pulled it off nicely and surprised myself. I was so crazy brained that I forgot to take a picture of the painting, but don't worry, I am tracking down the mommy of the little girl for whom the painting was made, and I will have proof I painted a horse.

All that said, I have painted more animals! Another mommy wanted animal silhouettes for her little man's room coordinated with his bedding...she had examples of exactly what she wanted, and I just so happened to have some things made out of the exact material of her bedding - thank GOODNESS...and here is a sneak of my mammals: