Thursday, December 17, 2009

announcements . pancakes . butterbeans .

We will talk {shop} first.
I am removing my Create For Me Items today...just for now.
Bye now.

Only In Stock items will be available for the remainder of 2009.
I will be creating some new flower paintings  
as well as some of my Wild Things.

The other night I had a {craving} for pancakes.
I am talking like 10:30 PM at night.
Mr.Wonderful offered to go to Waffle House - um, no thanks, and I said pancakes.
I think he was being sleepy/sarcastic.
SO I made pancakes the next day.

This is Mr.C having his first pancake {and being a ham with his wrinkly bib that he ripped off moments later}.

Now, why was I having pancake {cravings} late at night...
...that leads me to butter beans...

{do not be alarmed...everything is clean and was sanitized after the picture was taken
or I am just saying that to make you feel better}

Mr.C is going to be a big brother!!!
I don't have any info on Butter Bean's growth other than I have been extremely tired, irritable, and nauseous.
Hopefully we will have an update soon and very soon! 

Merry Christmas to Team Hop.