Thursday, December 3, 2009

I ♥ art...Flor Larios

I have a heart for folk art.
Everything about it is so unique...bright colors, distinct lines, simple beauty.

Meet Flor Larios. An amazing folk artist I discovered on Etsy.
I heart her art SO much, I now have some hanging in my home!

I noticed you are inspired by Frida Kahlo. When did you first discover her work and what attracted you to her art?

I had my first contact with Frida's art in New York. My husband had bought a poster of Frida's wedding self-portrait and I remember that I did not like it. But then a few weeks later my brother gave my husband a set of post cards with Frida's paintings and as I looked through them I thought "there is an interesting woman behind this art"...and I started reading about her, her life and paintings...and I began to really appreciate what she did and to understand her art.

What is the first painting you created?

"Frida Y Pajarito". Although I recognize that it's not technically my first painting...I had painted before, but never done anything that I could say represented a style that I wanted to develop or that I felt expressed what I wanted to express...That's why even though it is not the first painting I did, I consider it my first.

Where do you call home?

Wherever my house, my husband and my kids are..that's where my home is…

Is there a project you have always dreamed of creating? What would it be?

I am working on a children's book series with a friend (I am doing the illustrations)...this is not an old project, not even an old dream...we have only worked on it for the past few months, but it's now a dream of mine. I am really enthusiastic about's very complicated work that I had not done before, but we hope to have the first two volumes ready next year...wish me luck!

Good luck Flor! I cannot wait to see this series.

To view more of her beautiful work please visit her Etsy shop and blog.