Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a little messy

It can get a little messy around here, especially when:

someone doesn't wear an apron

someone else doesn't wear a bib

and someone keeps growing...

Oh, you want to see my feet? Me too!
[Yes, my belly is very round. 
We went through this with Mr.C too.
When looking down at my belly I appear much rounder :)
I hope to have some truer pictures
of this baby belly soon.]

Maybe I should buy one of these:


  1. LOVE THAT BELLY PIC (cute shoes too!!!). I hope that you are getting all settled in your new house.

  2. so adorable! love those shoes:) your artwork is just so sweet! thank you!

  3. ha ha ha ... i remember bumping into things with the baby bump! it's the edges of a messy, wet counter that is the WORST! :P yuck. you have a cute little bump, though! :)

  4. Cute belly shot :)

    I have the same shoes- Target, right? except mine are black & purple.


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