Tuesday, March 2, 2010

red tags make me happy

On March 17th we find out whether BabyJ is a boy or a girl.
That's 15 1/2 days folks!
Though we don't know the baby's gender, we do know how we are going to decorate.

I have been seeing yellow this entire pregnancy... all 18 weeks of it :)
I fancied the idea of grays and yellows and possibly even making my own bedding [with the help of my mother, okay so maybe my she would have ended up making the whole thing since I have only used a sewing machine once in 7th grade Home Economics class].
And then I saw red -

Cute gender neutral bedding. On clearance. Only one set available. Okay we'll take it.

Crazy thing is, when I went to Target.com to check out a few of the other pieces of the bedding I found none of it was on clearance... lucky me.

DwellStudio® for Target® Bedding Collection - Circles & Rings

So, I guess it won't be pink or blue,
but I do already have some fun ideas for artwork for the baby's room depending on whether her name is J____ or his name is J_____.