Monday, June 7, 2010

there's no place like home

Our view from the {top}:

1 & 2. Where we were last week
3. Mr.Wonderful & Mr.C meeting "Thomas" aka 
4. Mr.C rockin' (yes, he has a black eye, that's another story)
5. BabyJ & me on the GA/TN border

Now onto our view from the {bottom} all occurring in first 24 hours:

1. Three meltdowns in the car on the way, 
one beginning 30 minutes into our 5 1/2 trip that took 8 hours.
2. Portable DVD player did not work - battery wasn't properly charged.
3. Mr.Wonderful's hat & Mr.C's cup were left on the table at restaurant.
4. Car almost driven off edge of cliff after actually finding cabin b/c directions were incorrect.
5. Bed was the most uncomfortable set of mattresses on the face of the earth and made enough noise to wake the bears - not good for a very large, very uncomfortable, very tired pregnant woman.
6. Power outage at 7 AM = 
exhausted pregnant woman in the middle of shower with NO water with conditioner IN hair.
7. 8 AM with very hungry family in a small mountain town where nothing opens until 10 AM.

Fortunately at 8:30 AM we found the L&L Beanery Cafe to open up and serve us the most wonderful breakfast...
from there our family vacation greatly improved and was filled with
and many memories. 
I kind of get the feeling our family trips will reflect the 
National Lampoon's from here on out (sigh).
There's no place like home.