Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dream B I G

As a child I had aspirations of things like
becoming a teacher (I liked to be in charge),
becoming a clothing designer (I could draw a pretty impressive frilly dress),
becoming a Disney singer (I could give Ariel a run for her money in vocals).

Life happens and dreams change.
I met Mr.Wonderful (a dream come true);
I got a job (love wasn't paying the bills);
we started a family (a dream I never knew I had).

And I still have dreams...
traveling to Italy and Napa Valley,
writing freelance articles for a magazine,
owning a dishwasher.

Jiminy Cricket! One of my dreams came true.

I loaded my dishwasher this morning.
It's the first time in SEVEN years of marriage we have owned a dishwasher.

If you wish upon a star...

Thanks to W&G for your donation, Mr.Wonderful  & Hoppy for all your hard work,
and my parents for making it electric.


  1. LOL! :) Congrats on your new dishwasher!

  2. Congratulations! As a soon-to-be family of four, I'm sure you're on cloud 9! :)

  3. We just got our first dishwasher too, so I share your joy! :]

  4. I love this post..congrats! and thanks for the laugh:)

  5. too funny!!! so glad you got one of your wishes!! enjoy your new dishwasher!

  6. You are too cute! I don't know what I would do without my dishwasher. :)

  7. ha ha ha ... YAY for you guys! what a GREAT new baby gift! :) less time washing = more time loving on the little one.

  8. wow! that must be heavenly!!!

  9. yay for new dishwashers!....and dreams come's to many more!



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