Friday, July 23, 2010

Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos {oh my}

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I am pleased to announce,
for the first time in probably my entire life,
I have completed a project for myself on time {well, for BabyJ}.

Not to worry - I won't be too productive
and hang them or anything like that before he arrives.

Enjoy your weekend, 
and feel free to share any advice on how to make this baby come out.


  1. Wowie- congrats on finishing before the deadline! :) The paintings absolutely beautiful!

  2. Awesome! The animal silhouettes came out great! Also, I love green and polka dots.

    Baby J is aiming to be well done :)

  3. awesome paintings! your last little comment made me crack up!
    i have no advice for you as I have no babies. :)

  4. This is definitely my favorite of all your paintings! I LOVE it, Lindsay. . . Baby J is one lucky kiddo! :]

    I hear spicy food [hot sauce] helps speed things up, but I cannot say from experience :]

  5. LOVE THE PAINTINGS!!!! as for making the baby come out....LOL! spicy food, eggplant parmiagiana, foot massage, lots and lots of walking, and *ahem* oh gosh i just can't say it.....go pay the rent, do the taxes, have a little talk (or whatever you like to call IT) :) hope he comes out soon!

  6. Those paintings are lovely!! Baby J is a lucky little dude! After two babies I have found that nothing works to push them out sooner except for being induced; although maybe he'll come now that he knows you have his room decor finished! :)

  7. Love these! I'm sure your new little one will too!

  8. As for having the baby come out... I ate a spicy chicken sandwich from Chili's and we were on the way to the delivery room not too long after that!

  9. LOVE them! :) and i love your twist on the polka dots - the little ones in the middle! so so cute! YAY for getting them done! love the shot of babyJ with the paintings!

    i was anxious [desperate] for davis to come out ... and finally did the ol' castor oil in a shot glass. chased with pepsi. tasted like melted vaseline - horrible. but he was here about 18 hours later. :) BEST OF LUCK!


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