Monday, July 12, 2010

It's a girl!

My dear friend is expecting her first 
{a girl} in a few weeks.
She has chosen the above 
sweet bedding for the nursery.
As a gift, I made this painting for her.

Congrats A! I can't wait to meet Baby-Girl.
Now if I can only finish my paintings for BabyJ.
{I wonder if all people who create handmade things tend to slack
when it comes to their own homes...
I know several of you who don't, but I am guilty.}


  1. Lovely painting!

    Unfortunately, I do have a hard time getting going on paintings when it comes to my own home...

  2. I love the bedding and your sweet painting is adorable! I'm guilty as well, as I'm a big time procrastinator when it comes to things for me and/or my home. :( Hang in will get everything done!

  3. that is so very cute!! love it. i have to say that i'm guilty of not making things for myself or my family..but this month i've changed that...and i'm loving it! good luck on your paintings!

  4. Very cute. the white little blooms way on the left side look like those dandelion things you can blow on and make a in the picture of you and your son :)

  5. Great painting!

    I am so beyond guilty of slacking when it comes to my own home/family. I'll do all the stationery items in the world for clients and friends, but my own kids or even myself? Not so much.

  6. I love this, so very pretty! What a great friend!

  7. that painting is so perfect!


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