Friday, July 16, 2010

wait a minute

While we wait, I have decided to take advantage of my *free* time.

This is a project I started back in 5th grade [seriously & why do I still have this?].
I will not be finishing this lovely pillowcase that lines the bottom of my sock drawer,
but I will be creating a fun project along the same lines...

...embroidering some little things for BabyJ.
I know nothing about embroidery. Nothing.
So, I will just start here

with my late grandmother's embroidery needles (I see I have two in that section),
and my little loop and some thread/yarn...
this will be interesting.

I will also be continuing to rest.

Thanks to Mr.Wonderful, I was surprised with a *preggi pedi* this week.
I went for HOT PINK since we just see blue and green and yellow around here.

And last but not least -

I am making progress on the paintings for the nursery.

And we wait. One down. Nine to go.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can't believe you still have that from 5th grade! Holy determination! :)

  2. Your pedicure looks so pretty, I love pink. I got a pink pedicure right before Sweet Pea arrived :)

  3. What a sweet hubby to surprise you with a pedicure! :) I can't wait to see what you create for Baby J!

  4. i love pink piggle wiggles!

  5. YAY for a pedi! :) and can't wait to see what you're making baby J!!!! i love love love that you use your late grandmother's old sewing stuff. ME, TOO. my grandmother died when i was only 8 ... so for me to be able to use her old sewing machine & entire BIN of supplies ... somehow always makes me feel so connected to her. AND I LOVE IT. :) so that made me smile to hear you do the same! :)

  6. i have a bag of supplies..mine are new though...that are waiting for me. i bought them a while back wanting to make some pieces for little c. love the polish color you chose! makes me look at my toes and wish i had a pedi! enjoy!


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