Friday, August 20, 2010

add some music to your day

I'm a pretty big music person.
listen. dance. sing.
As of late, like 18 months, my music has consisted of 
lullabies and "lalala, Elmo's world."
I found the words to one of the billion songs on Sesame Street 
in my head yesterday afternoon for the trillionth time,
and I decided I had enough.
I needed my music back.
So, I added some music to my day and got a shot of Mr.C rockin' the headphones.

Ryan Adams [NOT Bryan]
Def Leppard (yes you read right)
Bird and the Bee (if you love Hall & Oates - wow)

The playlist goes on and on and on...
Who's in your playlist/cd/cassette/8-track/vinyl?

Hope you pump up the jams and have a great weekend [I had to-sorry].


  1. Ha ha. Mr. C is SO CUTE! Sweet Pea has a Jack Johnson kids cd - the Curious George soundtrack - I think it's a nice compromise between kid & grown up music.

  2. Such a sweet photo! I'm loving Lady Antebellum right now! :)

  3. such a cute photo! i have often wondered what we would do when little one comes. my husband is a huge music lover so it will be interesting. :) so glad you got some of your own music back! ;)

  4. that pic is PRECIOUS! :) has he ever seen/heard laurie berkner? my kids used to LOVE her. fun music picks for you! i'll have to check some of them out! i LOVE jack johnson ... but the 2 i have in the disc changer at the moment are david gray & zac brown [kyle's the country lover, but i do think zac brown is fun!]

  5. So precious! I too love RYAN Adams! And just found out about Vampire Weekend this summer, so that's been fun. James Taylor's always a good classic. And David Crowder can usually be found around my house too.

    This morning I was listening to Pandora Vampire Weekend playlist which played a Death Cab song that I thought (and still do) was a remake of an old Smoking Popes song, so I jumped over to their album. I couldnt find the exact song I was thinking of, but I know it's here somewhere! I finished their album while getting dressed.

    Love your blog!


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