Friday, August 20, 2010

add some music to your day

I'm a pretty big music person.
listen. dance. sing.
As of late, like 18 months, my music has consisted of 
lullabies and "lalala, Elmo's world."
I found the words to one of the billion songs on Sesame Street 
in my head yesterday afternoon for the trillionth time,
and I decided I had enough.
I needed my music back.
So, I added some music to my day and got a shot of Mr.C rockin' the headphones.

Ryan Adams [NOT Bryan]
Def Leppard (yes you read right)
Bird and the Bee (if you love Hall & Oates - wow)

The playlist goes on and on and on...
Who's in your playlist/cd/cassette/8-track/vinyl?

Hope you pump up the jams and have a great weekend [I had to-sorry].