Wednesday, September 1, 2010

better late...

...for Rachel and Shannon {sorry for the delay}.

Here are a few interesting things about yours truly:

  • I am hapa pukiki - my dad was born and raised in Hawaii and is Portuguese making me *part* Portuguese.
  • I have a true love for strawberry jam/preserves. My PB & J always includes strawberry. Don't even think about a plain biscuit...and if I do get a biscuit with chicken (it's called Chik-fil-A) or egg or sausage I eat the meat/egg and then enjoy the biscuit with strawberry jam.
  • The summer after my freshman year in college I ended up traveling all over the US.  The most memorable trip included 2 friends (one being Mr.Wonderful and the other being a German exchange student). We sold a bunch of stuff at a flea market, took our earnings (probably like $100) and several rolls of quarters and drove from Savannah, Georgia to NY via I-95 in a old Honda. We stayed in several shady motels, crashed at a friend's parents house (who were so very gracious to accept us), and ended up with free tickets to see David Letterman. Good times.
  • My coffee must be fresh brewed.  By fresh I mean, okay the coffee is ready right now and I have to pour my cup because if I wait even 3 minutes it tastes funny.
  • I was married on a Friday afternoon around 4:30 PM at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Kissimmee, FL and right afterwards rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM Studios.
  • I have a difficult time using my nice I still have some given to me as a graduation gift from high school.  I guess I think I better save it unless I have someone important to send a thank you note to. [Note to self: use your nice stationary - the people around you are the *important* ones.]
  • I am a bargain shopper - I will not buy an item of clothing, home decor, etc. until it is on sale/clearance unless I absolutely need it. AND my husband likes to shop more than I do.
  • I read really fast.
  • I talk slow (not in a weird way, I just talk slow and was once asked if I came with a fast forward button).
  • My idea of a dream vacation includes the Gulf of Mexico with nothing to do [including changing diapers, putting little ones down for a nap, etc].
Feel free to share something interesting about you :)