Wednesday, September 1, 2010

better late...

...for Rachel and Shannon {sorry for the delay}.

Here are a few interesting things about yours truly:

  • I am hapa pukiki - my dad was born and raised in Hawaii and is Portuguese making me *part* Portuguese.
  • I have a true love for strawberry jam/preserves. My PB & J always includes strawberry. Don't even think about a plain biscuit...and if I do get a biscuit with chicken (it's called Chik-fil-A) or egg or sausage I eat the meat/egg and then enjoy the biscuit with strawberry jam.
  • The summer after my freshman year in college I ended up traveling all over the US.  The most memorable trip included 2 friends (one being Mr.Wonderful and the other being a German exchange student). We sold a bunch of stuff at a flea market, took our earnings (probably like $100) and several rolls of quarters and drove from Savannah, Georgia to NY via I-95 in a old Honda. We stayed in several shady motels, crashed at a friend's parents house (who were so very gracious to accept us), and ended up with free tickets to see David Letterman. Good times.
  • My coffee must be fresh brewed.  By fresh I mean, okay the coffee is ready right now and I have to pour my cup because if I wait even 3 minutes it tastes funny.
  • I was married on a Friday afternoon around 4:30 PM at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Kissimmee, FL and right afterwards rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM Studios.
  • I have a difficult time using my nice I still have some given to me as a graduation gift from high school.  I guess I think I better save it unless I have someone important to send a thank you note to. [Note to self: use your nice stationary - the people around you are the *important* ones.]
  • I am a bargain shopper - I will not buy an item of clothing, home decor, etc. until it is on sale/clearance unless I absolutely need it. AND my husband likes to shop more than I do.
  • I read really fast.
  • I talk slow (not in a weird way, I just talk slow and was once asked if I came with a fast forward button).
  • My idea of a dream vacation includes the Gulf of Mexico with nothing to do [including changing diapers, putting little ones down for a nap, etc].
Feel free to share something interesting about you :)


  1. I adore this post, Lindsay...esp. the part about not wanting to use the nice stationary...I am the same way and it drives me crazy! Thanks for the fun post:)

    Oh, and my own "something interesting"? It drives me crazy to burn scented candles out of season. Meaning, my holiday candles must be burned during the holiday season, and it would drive me crazy to have one of my Fall scented candles burned anytime but Fall. Weird, huh?

  2. Love seeing these about you! I also like the comment about the stationary! Oh, and I've been making strawberry jam this summer - SO yummy.

  3. I love this...thanks for sharing! Something interesting about coke is a breakfast must have (yummy!). ;)

  4. What an adorable picture of you :) :)

  5. LINDSAY GIRL! love the pic. and the crying mouth. and the little boy head.

    also... i love strawberry jam, too :]

  6. I love how happy and unfazed you look even with a sobbing babe in your arms :]
    And those were quite the fun facts. . . I'm the same way with stationary. Lately I've been making myself use the pretty stuff.

  7. Is it ironic that I feel the same way about stationery?! Use it, baby, use it!

  8. As for the coffee, you may be disgusted to know that when I'm home with Sweet Pea, I often get distracted and end up drinking it hours post-brew, either cold or nuked in the microwave.

    And I love your wedding story!

  9. talk about better late, than never! i've been MIA from blogs entirely ... and remembered you were to do this & had to scroll way down! :) FUN STUFF. funny story about "nice stationery". i went through mine awhile back & came across old greeting cards i bought AGES ago, but never gave away because they were "nice". this year for my little sis's birthday ... i sent her one of them. it was of a very buff man, no shirt on, glistening w/ sweat - but holding a newborn. back when i was 20 i loved that card. now that my husband looks nothing like that? it's a riot. anyway, my sis died laughing & now we have a tradition of purging our ugliest card & for each others' bday card. :)


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